Emily Bungert

"I thought YIKES - this is NOT going to be good…but all we can do is hope for the best and somehow plow through this…"

on Feb 1, 2010

Hey there and welcome to Kell on Earth! Since you all don’t know much about me yet, I’d like to start out with giving a little glimpse into how I ended up here at People’s Revolution and a part of this awesome team. I left my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota about 13 years ago, with a dream of working in fashion and a passionate drive to succeed. When I arrived in New York City for the first time – it was the best moment of my life. I was star-struck: the lights, the energy, the people, the FASHION!!!! I knew if I would ever be able to accomplish my dream, this is the place I needed to be. I love New York and definitely now think of myself as much of a true New Yorker as I am a hometown girl from Minnesota. I got my very first PR job at quite a young age (20), working for the legendary designer Vivienne Westwood, followed by designer Betsey Johnson, and from there I continued to grow in my career and learning more and more about the fashion industry. I worked at several companies before ending up at People's, at one of which I met a wonderful co-worker who became a great friend - the lovely and talented Miss Robyn Berkley. In fact, she is the one who called me in to join her and Kelly at People’s Revolution! Apparently Kelly had seen me working at a fashion show many years ago and she asked Robyn about me – and about 3 years ago, I joined the company as a Partner, working closely with Robyn and Kelly, my wonderful soul-sisters. I love working with both of them, and I must say that each day at People’s has provided interesting new experiences and lots of crazy stories, many bizarre moments, some emotional meltdowns, lots of wins, occasional losses, clashing personalities, lasting friendships, many challenges, many accomplishments, innovative ideas, and the forging of new frontiers.