This is War War War

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Fashion Industry is a War: Thoughts

This is War War War

"I am actually trying to help these people, so-called interns who want a job in fashion."

I do not employ these people in the intern room and I do not want to receive one more e-mail about my hiring skills because I am actually trying to help these people, so-called interns who want a job in fashion. The bad news is their uber-rich parents think they are thriving as they move toward their Communications degree, but the reality of it on reality TV is that they cannot spell financial and they cannot put tissue paper in a bag or put a label on a parcel – what the Kell am I supposed to do?

As I have never majored in business, I resort to toddler-care tactics and pagan prayers by giving the interns a time-out, sending them onto the streets of New York as I light sacred seven sisters healing stones I purchased from my last pow-wow. Sure, Andrew Mukamal is choking but hey, he wears a belt as a necklace – did you see that? OMG LMAO.

P.S. Andrew Serrano AKA Tandrew – no sleeping on our hardwood floors. WTF?