The Doctor's In!

Eris is frank about her and her husband's desire to have a baby before it might be too late.

on Mar 11, 2013

This first week I also learned why actors don’t like to watch their movies or see their reviews. That was a difficult one. Clayton said to me, “I come off like I don’t want a baby,” and I replied, “It looks like you and I jumped into the marriage without talking about the baby issue ever!”  

The question that some of you are asking is, “Can you do the same for yourself as you do for your clients?” Of course I can! I experience struggles just like you do. I experience shame and fear. In fact, the story that you are seeing about the disconnection my husband, the most important person to me, and I are experiencing makes me feel embarrassed. I hope you can see that we are confronted with an issue and that we are working on it. 

Likewise, I am trusting viewers understand what I am going through, and many other women too. There has been a lot of talk out there about me wanting a child and my husband not wanting the same. Clayton and I asked each other, “Are viewers misunderstanding and thinking we never had ‘the talk’ about children before we got married?” Of course we did! We’ve always talked about having two kids. If that’s the plan, then why the sudden baby fever and biological clock pounding in my head? 

Like many couples, in the eight years we’ve been together, I’ve spent evenings getting my doctorate and days with my practice -- Clayton runs his own company which is not a 40 or even 60-hour-a-week job as many small business owners know. Time and schedules got away from us. It’s like we finally came up for air and then oops... baby issue….

So here we are a few years older, and it’s simply a matter of let’s connect, just ourselves, for a few months and get that going strong again before we bring on the stress (and the fun) of making a baby. Sure, friends that are parents offer up to us that the “timing is never right,” and while the time is definitely soon, Clayton was reasonable in saying let’s let that decision breathe for a second. Welcome to Episode 1… with me the panicked wife saying, “I want a baby now,” and a husband saying, “Yikes, no way.” Oh, my.