The Doctor's In!

Dr. Greg reflects on his experience on LA Shrinks.

on Apr 23, 2013


I just returned from a Couples Therapy conference that I attended with Dr. Eris. We were both blown away by the expressions of support and admiration from a large number of professional therapists attendees who were also fans of LA Shrinks. This was in stark contrast to the reception I received at a therapy workshop I attended before the airing of the first episode. Clearly the content of the show including our differing, yet effective, therapy styles and the exposure of our personal struggles had won over many in the therapeutic community.  But, it is not just the therapists, but also all of our viewers that we owe the deepest debt of gratitude for allowing us to bring this extremely unique and ground breaking television show into your living rooms.

For the final blog of the season, I wanted to give a little wrap-up of "the good, the bad, and the ugly" that came from doing the show for me. And, I want to finish up with "the amazing (and unexpected!)"


*New Friendships with Dr. Eris and Dr. V: They are smart, strong, and dynamic women and I am proud to call each one a friend (and their great husbands too!).

* My Clients: I only had three brief sessions with each, but in that short time we accomplished a great deal. They were all willing, open, and did the work with cameras rolling.

* Family Relationships Strengthened: I know being on a reality show can make things go either way, but my family pulled together. I am especially grateful that I got to get much closer to my sisters, Michele and Pamela.