Caroline Fleming: Regrets are a Waste of Time

Caroline Fleming explains why she has no regrets from this season. What have you been up to since the end of the Season?
Caroline Fleming: I have had a great summer with my kids; they are back at school and I have started filming my new makeover show for SBS Discovery Media in Denmark and this weekend will go into a kitchen studio to work on my third cook book (which is written) and make all the dishes to be photographed. I celebrated my 40th birthday bash at the castle, which was just a fairytale, and I have recently returned from Dubai for a little autumn sun with my children. I have been working to get my website off the ground, I hope to launch in the next month. It’s a great platform to follow what I'm doing and buy my stockings and cookbooks, etc. What did you learn this season?
CF: Anything can happen in a short space of time. Keep your heart open always and always be kind Do you regret anything from this season?
CF: Nope. I think regrets are a sinful waste of time as they say... So no regrets, only lessons. What was your favorite part of this year of Ladies of London?
CF: Having dinner with my family and the girls at home and dancing after dinner was one of the funniest evenings I have had. There was a time when a number of the girls literally flew through the room (myself included), and I think we laughed till we almost peed our pants. I think, in fact, Caroline actually did. Which reminds me of the time Caroline peed on my floor in my kitchen…soon after my dogs went into puppy training for exactly the same thing.

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After their dinner at Valdemars Castle, the Ladies get down in Denmark!

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