Caroline Wants the Americans to Get a Grip

Caroline Stanbury on getting caught in the middle of the two Thanksgivings debacle. What have you been up to since last season of Ladies of London ended?

Caroline Stanbury: I have been spending time with my family and building lots of change in my life stay tuned. Did you realize there would be such a fall out when you invited Juliet to have Thanksgiving at your home?

CS: When Juliet asked me to do Thanksgiving I knew Marissa would be upset. Obviously she loves doing it, but I did agree with Juliet, I would rather it was intimate and at a house. What do you think of Marissa and Juliet’s argument during your party? 

CS: When Marissa and Juliet started arguing I wasn't surprised, but at least they did it in private. I simply thought get a grip - it's a dinner! Is it that big of a deal really?

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