Caroline Stanbury Just had the Most Epic Dinner Party in the Dubai Desert

The Ladies of London pal spent an epic evening in the desert sands — just don't try it at home.

Caroline Stanbury may always be a lady of London at heart, but the fashion expert has certainly carved out her niche in Dubai. After moving to the United Arab Emirates in 2016, the mom of three has been living amid the luxury she knows and loves. And, we're not only talking about her palatial home. You should see the parties Caroline is throwing in the desert! 

On April 22, the Ladies of London pal took to Instagram stories to show off snippets from an epic day in the sand. Joining her for the desert adventure was her son Aaron, who casually rode a camel, her daughter Yasmine, and her beloved father

By the time night fell, Caroline had gathered a group of pals for a dreamy, candlelit dinner at a table that was elegantly decorated in white. The decor itself was show-stopping — but the fire dancer who showed up later might have been even more eye-catching.

The bold performer even caused Aaron to wonder aloud: "Can I try this at home?" (If you guessed that Caroline's answer was a resounding never, you'd be correct.) 

Take a peek at the snaps from the gorgeous evening, below — and get all kinds of inspiration for your next dinner party... or international adventure. 

Photos: Caroline Stanbury/Instagram 

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