Fabio Viviani

Fabio believes his Nonna recipes and his #teamFabio will carry him through.

on Oct 3, 2012

Is this real? I’m again on Bravo? Bravo Fabio. . .This time though no one will kick me out of any competition cause the biggest one of all will be the one with myself. If you guys were wondering how I was keeping up with everything I have going on buckle up cause you are in for a very fast ride. . .

My life since Top Chef has been so crazy! I have opened two restaurants and I’m working on two more now... I have cooking classes at the restaurant. which are always bringing in new customers. I do my own web series now called Chow Ciao!, each week I email out my Kitchen Academy Newsletter. . .sheesh! It is hard to catch my breath! But I love my #teamfabio and I wouldn't be here without them. Thank you for all your love and support !!

The other chefs seem to have been doing well since the show. . .some more than others but nobody said being Top Chef would be EASY, right?

Some of the chefs give me a hard time because they think my dishes are simple! Are you kidding me? If they are so simple, then how come they cannot do the same?!? I put my Nonna recipes over any steak fries that Spike is passing off on President Obama. . .Mr. President, you are always welcome at Cafe Firenze whenever you are tired of Ronald McDonald!