Lori Zaslow

Lori thinks David did well on his date with Ivy (except for the comparing of the hands).

on Mar 5, 2012

Welcome to Bravo's Love Broker blog. I, Lori Zaslow, will be blogging each week to bring you my personal insights into what went down. I am excited to share with you my first post and beyond ecstatic for each viewer to get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at my boutique matchmaking business, Project Soulmate.  As you can see, we specialize in finding love, and our work never stops. Both Jenn and I are passionate about helping others find their soulmate. We live and breathe love. We both are happily married and have amazing children. After almost twelve years of marriage, I still can't wait to come home to my husband. I think he's the hottest man alive. Anyway, our specialty is blind dates. I met my husband on a blind date fourteen years ago, and we are still in love with each other. My method works, and I swear by it.

This week's episode was all about David aka Fish. He is one of my favorite clients, and I am still setting him up to this day -- so ladies, contact me if you are interested. David, yes, David -- I will never ever call him Fish. Puke! David is a great listener, and I was proud to see that he took all my advice on that date. I would have died if he showed up in a headband. I was glad to see that he at least had the decency to wrap it around his ankle. (Hey, I'll take it as long as it is not wrapped around his head.) Unfortunately, Ivy wasn't feeling him that night, but after watching the date, I thought he did well. No daps and no head wear. Plus, plus, plus. Her loss. My only critique of this date would be that he compared hand sizes -- save that for when you are holding hands. This is a date, not a freak show! I did love his comeback though, "Small hands, big heart." Could not have said it better myself. Ivy is strong willed and confident and she DID NOT hold back on this date. Sometimes personalities can clash, and it doesn't work out. Love is a quest, and you cannot give up. As my five-year-old daughter says, go fish...