Jacqueline Walters

Dr. Jackie considers the different types of medical professionals Mariah, Kari, Toya, Quad, and Simone need.

on May 19, 2013

Now a lot has happened tonight! There has been a lot of inviting, disinviting, and reinviting this season. Things tonight have been all over the place. Now it appears that we have healed from all the broken relationship. Maybe that's my fantasy, but I really thought we were moving forward.

Now for me, I am constantly pouring into new business ideas. I am opening a medical aesthetic spa, which is a compliment to my ob gyn practice. The ladies of Married to Medicine were all very gracious to come out and support my grand opening. Now the encounters made me a little nervous, but everybody was very kind and I appreciated their coming out.

I am pleased to have Quad and Simone over for input on one of my next business ventures, "The Power of the Vaginal Flower," an educational blog of vaginal FACTS! My web designer and my nurse were here to help put the final touches. We had a wonderful time and I they gave me some great business ideas. We laughed and drank the lemonade we all made at the LEMON SQUEEZE. I want women to take their unanswered questions to VF-Power.com! Knowledge is power, even if it's a vagina!