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Somebody Call the Doctor

Dr. Jackie considers the different types of medical professionals Mariah, Kari, Toya, Quad, and Simone need.

Now a lot has happened tonight! There has been a lot of inviting, disinviting, and reinviting this season. Things tonight have been all over the place. Now it appears that we have healed from all the broken relationship. Maybe that's my fantasy, but I really thought we were moving forward.

Now for me, I am constantly pouring into new business ideas. I am opening a medical aesthetic spa, which is a compliment to my ob gyn practice. The ladies of Married to Medicine were all very gracious to come out and support my grand opening. Now the encounters made me a little nervous, but everybody was very kind and I appreciated their coming out.

I am pleased to have Quad and Simone over for input on one of my next business ventures, "The Power of the Vaginal Flower," an educational blog of vaginal FACTS! My web designer and my nurse were here to help put the final touches. We had a wonderful time and I they gave me some great business ideas. We laughed and drank the lemonade we all made at the LEMON SQUEEZE. I want women to take their unanswered questions to! Knowledge is power, even if it's a vagina!

Simone and I (The PRINCIPAL) once again are trying to get the DOCTOR'S WIVES to mend all these broken relationships but it's seems like it's going to take (as Quad has stated) an act of God to help them. Yes, we are in an uncomfortable place and just can't seem to help the ladies who were all very good friends at one point.

I think we all need A DOCTOR. . .

Firstly, can somebody call a CARDIOLOGIST (a heart doctor) to see if they can do an EKG to analyze the rhythm in which these hearts beat? Maybe (s)he can bring some nitroglycerin(heart pills) to increase the blood flow to all the damaged heart strings we acquired. Please do it STAT (now).

Can somebody call a NEUROSURGEON (a brain doctor)? We need to check to see if our brains are firing properly. Did anybody see how many confusing stories that have gone back and forth? My brain is in overload. I am about to blow my circuit. All of my synapses are firing at the same time. Is it me or was anyone else feeling that way?

Can somebody call the ORTHOPEDIST (bone doctor) to fix the broken bones. As it's been said, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Well there have been things thrown even blows that some bone has gotten to have been broken. Now let's talk about WORDS. I totally disagree with the old saying that words can never HURT because it's been WORDS that have created all the division amongst the ladies. So can somebody call the doctor?

Can somebody call an OBGYN (oh that's me) because there is so much ESTROGEN that the ladies cry, curse, scream, and fight. Maybe it's PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) cause the emotions run high then they hit rock bottom. May a little extra PROGESTERONE to balance us all out.

Can someone call the PSYCHIATRIST cause we seem to be losing our wits. We've been invited then disinvited then reinvited. What the heck is going on? We are friends today but not friends tomorrow then back again friends. Someone call the DOCTOR quick cause even I am now confused. I don't know sometimes if I am a friend or frenemy. It's just too darn confusing and I need to talk to the doctor.

Now lastly get us to the ER because it's an emergency that we all get some help. Daggers are being thrown and hearts have been broken. We have hurt each others, their families and our friends. We need an X-RAY to see if we really have hearts and why can't this stop.

I don't know how we will carry on in life but I do know these relationships like they are are very toxic and cannot and may not continue. We can't seem to let go and recover from all the deep deep wounds we've received from the ladies of Married to Medicine!!! Stay tuned, but for now SOMEBODY CALL THE DOCTOR!!!!

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