Mariah Huq

Mariah doesn't think Dr. Jackie treated the ladies respectfully at her Lemon Squeeze.

on May 5, 2013

The Queen B is back and feeling fabulous. Did you miss me last week? I definitely missed you. I needed some time to renew, refresh, and restore the positive energy within and around me. I really enjoyed reading all of your feedback and comments. I am also extremely humbled and appreciative of all the love and support you have shown.

#Married2Med has been one heck of a journey with tons of peaks and valleys.

Watching this episode enlightened me. I realized that Simone and I definitely have a different interpretation of what friendship means. Perhaps she is masking the guilt that she SHOULD be feeling for failing me as a friend. But, I'm the one who needs to rebuild her image? Interesting. Maybe Jackie and Simone can take a few pointers on me and Quad's friendship. We truly accept each other without judgement.

I really applaud Jackie on her efforts to bring the group together for the Sour Squeeze. I think next time she tries bringing us together, she should mean that literally. I'm not sure that unity is being promoted when you arrange a gathering that divides the ladies in teams. I can definitely say that it's a problem for one woman to treat her peers as if they're children by scolding their mannerisms and restricting what they can drink. Did I miss the episode where Dr. Jackie, OB/GYN, morphs into Dr. Greg, or better yet Dr. Phil? Maybe she should have started the Lemon Squeeze with the disclaimer: "I'm not a real shrink, I just play one on TV."