Dr. Jackie on Lisa Nicole's "What If" Time

Jackie shares the complex feelings of being diagnosed and what drove her to create her charity 50 Shades of Pink.

Breast Friends

Can you imagine being told: "Sorry but you have CANCER"! Well I know exactly how it feels -- not once but twice! You immediately feel like the breath is leaving your body. Your thoughts are racing and your mortality is challenged! I remember I was too shocked to cry! To sum it all up, I immediately envisioned what breast cancer patients looked like to me! After processing all the information and preparing for the fight, I remembered telling myself to go on and get your ugly cry out because "you can't fight with tears in your eyes"!

After all my treatments with surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation I wanted to help every woman by translating medical fact into practical facts so they understood the journey. I tried to make sure they knew what to expect and why it was happening. I also found that dressing up for chemo and radiation every treatment created such a buzz around the center -- which immediately took my mind off what was ahead! I would immediately get in that chair with smiles and laughter! I looked good, therefore for many reasons I FELT GOOD -- and ultimately I did good!

This is what I wanted for every other woman diagnosed with breast cancer who came in my presence! I would personally purchase them everything I used to help me through my surgeries, chemo, and radiation treatments! This is the origin of "50 Shades of Pink Foundation"(! This foundation is there to treat the inner and outer beauty of women diagnosed with breast cancer and going through different forms of treatments! We believe if you look good, you will feel good and inevitably do good!

When Lisa Nicole stopped me to chat, I had NOOOOO idea what she wanted to share. Heck I thought her company was writing a big giant check to 50 SOP! I never imagined the words,"I've found a lump" were about to come out of her mouth. I immediately had a million thoughts pop into my head -- some of them too medical to share. I could not only see her fear, but I could feel her pain of "what if." "Oh God my babies" and believe it or not but "not now God,I 've got the WEN conference coming up!" Trying to help a friend during the time of "what if" is so emotionally taxing, not just for her but it takes me to that place when I heard it for the first time! The emotional strain it can cause on one's family can also wreck havoc on a marriage. You can find yourself fighting unnecessarily.

Sitting with Tonicia is always so rewarding for me, but I ride this emotional roller coaster so much that I am sometimes drained! Watching so many women go through this really complex time in their lives can be both rewarding and hard! Having been robbed of fertility during this time makes it even more complex! I love talking with all my ladies diagnosed and/or being treated with breast cancer.

Now for my good friend, Simone and that "sexy" lingerie, ahhh it's not! I'm so glad that the some of the other girls are trying to help my friend! Maybe we should go together and host a party to beef up her night wear. I enjoy seeing the ladies get alone. It warms my heart. I hate I was on call and had to missed it all. I think we a head in a new direction!

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Mariah Is Ready to Plant New Seeds

Mariah is over this "shady grove" but does thank some of the ladies for their honesty and friendship.

The season is finally over and Lakeisha "Mariah" HuQ is still standing! #Yaaassss

Baby I was on the hit list this season. LOL! Well I'm still here, and please know I'll be the first to tell you when I decide to BOW out gracefully. #SideEye

Regardless of what was said on the Reunion each and everyone of the ladies know I am invested in this show, and they have known my position from day one. I have apologized for many things, but I will not apologize for withholding intricate details about my ownership.

The Reunion Part 2 did not disappoint. We are still in the Shady Grove, and amongst a very shady group. . .LOL!

Let's just start with Heavenly. Heavenly: You are a very strong, opinionated, and independent woman. I find it hard to believe that you would be swayed by anyone! NOW the swaying may actually come from your "special coffee." (Wink, wink.)

Lisa Nicole: Too bad we never really had a chance to get to know one another. You seem like a great spa pal! I wish you the best. (Nodding). Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . .

Toya: Did you not learn anything from last season? KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS!

Quad: I wish you well with your future endeavors.

Jackie: I was never offended by anything you said. I simply wanted to know your true perspective. It almost seems that you are inhibited from showing true objectivity. Not voicing any opinion leaves the impression that you co-signed into all the negativity. From my perspective, your shade was from a different type of tree. I call it the hidden bush. #ShadeTree

Simone: Regardless of what others say, I do feel as though you have been a great friend. Thank you.

This has definitely been the shadiest grove I have ever encountered, but the one thing I have learned is to recognize a tree by the fruit it bears. #BitterFruit #SourApples #Sweet&Juicy #NotRipeOrReady #Ripe&Right #RottenTotheCore

Time to plant new seeds or grow another grove!

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