Jacqueline Walters

Jackie shares the complex feelings of being diagnosed and what drove her to create her charity 50 Shades of Pink.

on Apr 28

Sitting with Tonicia is always so rewarding for me, but I ride this emotional roller coaster so much that I am sometimes drained! Watching so many women go through this really complex time in their lives can be both rewarding and hard! Having been robbed of fertility during this time makes it even more complex! I love talking with all my ladies diagnosed and/or being treated with breast cancer.

Now for my good friend, Simone and that "sexy" lingerie, ahhh it's not! I'm so glad that the some of the other girls are trying to help my friend! Maybe we should go together and host a party to beef up her night wear. I enjoy seeing the ladies get alone. It warms my heart. I hate I was on call and had to missed it all. I think we a head in a new direction!