The Married to Medicine Ladies Work Smart

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The Married to Medicine Ladies Work Smart

Dr. Jackie commends the ladies many business ventures and is proud of her relationship with Kursten.

The Women of Married to Medicine Are Working Smart!

It's nice to see powerful women at work. Lisa Nicole and Mariah are preparing for their big events. Lisa Nicole is working hard to get ready for her fashion show. Lisa appears to be little overwhelmed. She and Dwight are like vinegar and oil right now. Mariah seems to be making an effort to extend an olive branch to the circle of friends. She is hand delivering invitations to her Cinnamon Girl launch. Even though, the group discussed not attending any of Mariah's functions in the mountains, Dr. Simone and Dr. Heavenly have agreed to attend the event. I was on call and couldn't accept the invite. The fact that she was willing to invite Quad seems like a great gesture.

I am still not quite accepting of the fact that my dream of ever having a baby will not happen. Curtis and I have agreed to move forward and close the door on us adopting a baby. When Krusten comes by the office for a visit, she helps to lessen this blow. She helps me understand that those feelings I have are valid. She is so gracious to express that I have been like a mother to her. This is probably the first time she has stated out loud that I have been an instrumental part of her life. Who would have thought? We might not have the same DNA, but I definitely have been able to mother with Krusten. Krursten is also scheduled to model in Lisa Nicole's fashion show. Like a mother, I remind her to make sure she has clean underwear. OMG, I am acting like my mother.

People can say a lot of negative things about this group of women. But there is no denying, that we all are focused on being and staying independent women. Most of these ladies have their hands in some kind of business, from medicine to fashion to creating healthy products.

Lisa Nicole fashions were beautiful. Kursten represented like a runway model! I was so proud of her and grateful that she flew in to be a part of a friend's fashion introduction to the fashion world! She was working that runway with that yellow dress! I thought the fashions were awesome! This fashion extravaganza was a great success! I'm sure we will see Lisa Nicole collection in Atlanta, New York, and Paris!

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