Simone Whitmore

Simone thinks Quad is being short-sighted and wishes Mariah had made an effort with the group.

on Jul 7

Thanks so much for tuning into an entire season of Married to Medicine. Tonight is bittersweet because this is our final episode -- but I'm glad it's over.

Most of the time, I really enjoy these ladies. This year presented a few challenges, but overall I have no regrets.

As you already know, I can find humor in almost anything. Jackie and I had never heard of or attended a puppy fashion show prior to meeting Quad, so the idea of dogs walking/running/barking down a runway was a funny thought. There was no disrespect meant towards Quad's goals and dreams. Obviously, we support her as a friend because we did attend the fashion show and gave donations to her cause.

I hate the fact that Quad has called me a coward when I have been honest, straight forward, and clear to her and Mariah about their issues and how they impact the circle of friends. It makes me realize how short-sided and self-absorbed Quad is. She simply can't understand anyone else's point of view or perspective. In order for our friendship to continue and develop, we both need growth. I need to back off and leave it alone when she asks, and she needs to respect my ability to love two people who are at odds with each other. Coming from a divorced household, I know very well how to love two people who are at odds.