Mary McDonald

Mary gives us some insight into her sense of humor, and which MDD is the best chef.

on May 31, 2011

So my dear Nathan is the most charming fabulous cook I know. You'll see. Speaking of cooks who knew Kathryn's boys would make such a delicious dinner? All sneezy, germy guacamole aside, our dinner was delicious, seriously. We had an out of this world salad niçoise with fresh tuna. Now if I had seen all that teenage sniffling and germ-laden coughing going into the guacamole, perhaps I would not have surgically attached myself to it all evening. Seriously, I never left the bowl until I moved onto the salad.

Kathryn throws a great party and really knows how to live. Let's get her to invite us all to her French Country house by the thousands. What do you all think? Summer is coming. Kathryn what do you say? Oh we could have contest with the prize being 10 people that get to come to Kathryn's with all of us. She is going to kill me. I hope she thinks is funny!

For the premiere, our showmate, Martyn Lawrence Bullard is so generously hosting a party for us at the Soho House in the private screening room where we can all have a laugh together. We wish you could all be there because we really do all have fun.

Now stay tuned for next week's dramas and hurry and buy my book on Amazon before it goes into a third printing!