Mary McDonald

Mary shares the troubles of her 24-hour install and her love of the finale episode

on Jul 19, 2011

I LOVE OUR LAST EPISODE. Yes I am screaming. Those are screaming CAPS, yes. I love it for multiple reasons.

I think watching how Jeffrey and Ross's job gets all screwed up, Kathryn's client Shannon pulling a number, and I show up to my installation being based on inaccurate information is really closest to what a lack of glamour it all is during the process -- except all that make-up and hair I find the time to do of course. It is just a series of new problems that are constantly being solved.

People write me all the time and say I want to design because I have good taste and style, and it reminds me when I was young and you had no idea how much of a process and test of patience everything was to get to this final stage of "style and taste." One must have a deep connection to wanting to create a vision and not just sell furniture to people because for every great idea you have there are about ten roadblocks to getting there.

I think Kathryn's job shows what it is like when it is a bit about a client wanting to direct and treats you like a hired assistant and the misperceptions of how much a designer can control. Once a client starts micromanaging the process, which is inevitably by nature full of snafus, well it goes downhill because they are only micromanaging because they can't handle the nature of process to begin with (not a lot of people can). Kathryn is not alone in the result of her project. We have all been there.

As for Jeffrey and Ross, I feel like I have sat in so many parking lots on unloaded furniture thinking there has got to be an easier way. I could relate completely to what happened. It was also true to design that sometimes a screw up adds just the right amount of almost wrong to a job to become genius -- like his bar stools. Sometimes not, but quite often, if you let the mistake speak to you sometimes it adds a dimension to the space that is off-kilter enough to seem geniusly deliberate.