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Mary Gone Wild

Mary lets us in on her neurotic side and admits she wants Martyn to run her life.

Well I am glad last week's episode is over since I got so many emails about having the nerve to turn down a 50k job! Phew. NOW we can all focus on Joe Francis and his need for perfection.

I adore Martyn and want him to come over to my house and tell my housekeeper what to do. I think Martyn should come run my life. I love his "Handle it" attitude. I must admit as much as I want to finagle my way down to Joe Francis' house, I am a tad scared of him or maybe I am just scared I would end up with a too many margaritas and a "Girls Gone Wild" video. I wonder if that is just what happens to you when you get down there, kind of like the Bermuda triangle?

As for Ross and Jeffrey, our in-house models, they make a major improvement to their gym, and I could not be happier to see that they are in such rocking shape! Bravo men.

We also get to see Kathryn help Shannon and Dean pull it together over there in the Palisades. I have been friends with the Factors since I was 14, and it is funny to think of us all grown up and old. I was there the night Shannon met Dean, so it was fun to watch. Beautiful home they have. Kathryn does a great job and had nice stuff to work with!

We all love watching Nathan and hope we get to see his great cooking and entertaining skills in some future episodes. He is fortunately my accidental chef when he comes over.

As for myself we all get to see my neurotic and controlling side side-by-side when I talk to my book agent Jill Cohen, as well as during my portrait with Konstantin Kakanias. Is Konstantin gorgeous or what? He is one of my most fabulous friends, oozing with talent, so I was happy to see he captured my zanier side in my portrait.

Stay tuned for next week!