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The Lidless Pot

Mary explains why she didn't take the job for Dru and discusses the bottom line.

I miss seeing my favorite partner in crime on this episode, our darling Nathan, but he has a great episode coming. Frankly the mystery most definitely adds to the excitement.

I am definitely the lucky one in our non-TV lives that gets to have Nathan be my personal chef half the time, since he is such a great cook. He should have his own cooking show really. Maybe I could be on it as the food tester. I will have to pitch that.

I could not love watching Martyn and Kathryn both on our their own original soil really giving us all a Brit-tastic show more. Martyn with his scoop on all the best places to shop in London while the OKL gals kept tallying the numbers. I liked watching how Susan and Andrea gave a lot of the Million Dollar Decorator items the big NO once you added mark up and shipping. It is a clear take on what we have to always be thinking about as the bottom line for designers -- the money -- how much, where, and when. It is not really about putting pretty things here and there, but a lot of bottom line business. Thank goodness we are all Million Dollar Decorators! Winky wink.

I think Kathryn should reconsider her client as a date. What do you guys think? He's British (will understand all of Kathryn's naughty Britishness), he's wealthy, and has multiple homes. Kathryn what do you say? He needs a wife. . .no?

Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey. . .why must you always look so good? I love that Jeffrey always looks like he stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad, even while demo goes on at the Hungry Cat. The Hungry Cat is located in one of our Hollywood hot spots here in L.A. right on PCH, and it is truly fab so stay tuned.

I myself cannot get over this potential client that called me to help her. I truly felt bad about having to turn her down but once I received the fruit in the ceramic house basket I knew that Taco Bell was her permanent level of taste. She deserves to have someone that will think her ideas are great, and that won't be me. Every pot has a lid, and I am not hers. But at least I set her free. See? I will not do just anything for the money.

Oh I have to go, my sugar daddy is at the door. LOL!

See you next week!