The Semi-Gloss

Our Associate Editor ponders the taste of symmetry, and other items from this week's episode.

Jun 14, 2011

This episode we see Mary serving a bit as her own client. The lady to please here is Mary -- though isn't it Always. Mary needs some imagery for her book, but photos are not preferred. Instead she'd like a spirited illustration that captures her real vibe.

I'm not sure that's possible, considering how many layers there are to the Mary McDonald onion and because sketches steal your soul and all (or is that photos I can never recall). But her friend Konstantin is on board and after a meeting where they briefly yell at each other about returning calls (Mary weasels out of it by mentioning that he looks thin, a trick that always works), she heads to his house.

(It's worth noting that Mary is extremely late to her sitting, and Kathryn is also an hour and a half late to her job. You know what they say, "if time is money theses folks have enough to pay for it.")

Anyway when Mary arrives things are really kicking. She's attempting to steal his Marie Antoinette breast bowl, maintaining a weight that's one level above anorexia, fidgeting and questioning the "devil babies" the artist has previously sketched -- really being the perfect model. So this is bound to work out. JK! It does and her sketch looks fabulous -- even if the caricature version could be president of the Junior League.

I look good.