Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn shares why she didn't move to Ojai (it involves Reese Witherspoon) and apologizes for her language.

on Nov 14, 20120

My favorite challenge in my profession is to restore life and soul to ailing buildings. My client was a dream to work with. Once she had approved the remodeling and design boards, she left my team and me alone. And being in England, she did leave us alone. The biggest part of the work was remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms. Updating plumbing can be challenging.

Jacqueline was not at all interested in seeing what I get up to during the day. She was desperate to get to the wineries. We tour a bunch of them. And wherever we go, Jacqueline finds attractive men. It was my first visit to Bacara, the extraordinary resort north of Santa Barbara over looking the ocean. I could have done with a few more days there, but as always my extremely busy life keeps me on the go: the fabric business -- we are now hand printing in-house, clients --  a bunch of new jobs on the horizon, and of course my boys!

Here's to a great long awaited Season 2. There's much drama and much decorating, but we all need a big smack on the bottom -- way too much swearing!!!


Kathryn I am so glad you have a blog. I wrote on another one that I just love your style and your fabrics that I have seen on the web make a person feel at home. You are such a caring person and a wonderful designer. Stay as you are because you have something special. You know how to make a person feel great in their space and that is a wonderful talent!  Your rooms were very pretty at the Greystone Mansion as well. Luxe should have placed more images of your rooms in their magazine. Looking to seeing more from you and now that I know you worked the Lincoln movie, can you share what  you did there. That was a great movie.  I love your interaction with Jacqueline. You guys have a great relationship. Tell her to try Firestone wines. She will just love them:)