Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn describes the antics she, Martyn, and Mary went through to bring Greystone Mansion back to life and into the 21st century.

on Dec 18, 2012

This is my favorite episode so far. Love all the interaction between Mary, Martyn, and myself. It's a shame that Jeffrey, Ross and my paddle-boarding adventure didn't make any episode but there's a snippet here at the Bravo site. It's important that everyone knows that we are all friends and fans of each other. It adds fun and amusement to our otherwise stressful lives.

Greystone Mansion is an iconic Beverly Hills home and was used in the movie There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day Lewis. It's as close as we get here in LA to the older, English-style aristocratic homes. I've done a Veranada Magazine show house here before, so I'm familiar with how difficult these show houses can be, not to mention the cost. Having paid my dues over the years, I like to do the smaller spaces that don't take too much time out of my overloaded life.