Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn shares what inspirated the Greystone bedroom and wonders why Jeffrey would turn down doing a room.

on Dec 18, 2012

Greystone manor is one of the most important estates in America and undoubtedly the most famous home in California. Once the most extravagant estate in Beverly Hills, Greystone was the cutting edge in modernity with state of the art kitchens, electricity, heating and cooling systems, a bowling alley, theater, and shooting range. In the early 1920s when the house was built it was the epitome of fine taste and modern luxury yet styled upon a great English country manor.

Knowing the history and the glamorous and colorful past of this once-great estate was all I needed to know to immediately jump at the chance of joining in with Luxe magazine and their show house project there. I rarely do show houses but this one is the most prestigious and important on the west coast. All the right people will come to see it and as an advertising tool it's extremely powerful.

I was lucky enough to wrangle myself the best room in the mansion, Mr. Doheney's bedroom suite, a beautifully proportioned set of rooms that exude the elegance of the era. Now the top designers in America are clambering for the different rooms and spaces in the mansion.