Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn shares what inspirated the Greystone bedroom and wonders why Jeffrey would turn down doing a room.

on Dec 18, 2012

Kathryn Ireland lands the gun room kitchen originally used to prepare game, while Mary takes the grand hallways. Jeffrey for some crazy reason decides not to be involved, a mistake, of course, that he appears to regret later. . .

Now apart from designing these spaces to wow the visitors, we actually have another reason to create exceptional design spaces because Luxe magazine, now an internationally acclaimed magazine with worldwide distribution, will be doing an issue dedicated to the mansion. Who will get the cover? Who will get a double page spread?

. . .As Mary says "your only as good as your last publication," so this spread is vitally important to establish status within the industry and power status in the issue! As the design dramas unfold and decorative magic is created the under cover tensions of who will get the best exposure bubbles to a boiling point!

I love this episode, the design is good, the dramas are, well, dramatic and the results are mouth watering. This episode is Million Dollar Decorating at its best. Hope you'll enjoy, and hope you'll agree with the final magazine layouts and choices!

Live, love, and decorate a show house!