Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn reflects on his sister becoming a "publican" and lets you know what the thinks a perfect pub should feel like.

on Jan 3, 2013

With all these difficulties, the biting cold, the crumbling walls, the ghostly apparitions, and an escalating budget will the pub and my vision ever actually come to fruition? And within a time frame that will not cause my sister to go broke?!? Stay tuned for our season finale next week and see how this very personal adventure finally pans out.

So once again I thank you all for watching us, being so amazing with your support and love. All the special comments on Facebook, Instagram and, of course my favorite, Twitter are very much appreciated and even though I know I don't answer you all please know I read them all and love to hear what everyone thinks. Believe me you inspire me as much as you tell me I inspire you!

2013 is going to be a magical and lucky year for us all. Personally my brand expansion is going in many directions -- men's fashion, jewelry, tiles, wood flooring, new fabric and wallpaper collections, a fragrance line to add onto my candle collection, tabletop, crystal, and a new furniture collection. My book was one of the biggest selling design books of 2012 and a new book is in the pipeline now too. All this has been possible through your support and I love all my wonderful Bravo fans so much for this. You are truly delicious!

Thank you, thank you, may all your dreams come true in this new year and may you always live, love, and decorate!

X Martyn