Mary McDonald

Mary discusses how great she looked in this episode and the Greystone show house.

on Dec 19, 2012

I love love love this episode. . .probably because I don't look as tired as my New York episode and my vanity has taken hold. I like my green shirt and my velvet blue blazer and my office outfits with the sweaters and the suede safari jacket, my show house grey flannel with the scarab necklace. . .and on and on. . .I feel MUCH better about this fashion stint than last week where I was somehow a Jenny Craig ad for petites.

I also get a real kick out of watching Kathryn and I duke out our little "space problem" because she and I couldn't be more different. I love how she calls my two halls a Bazaar. Sometimes she can be so ornery that it makes me laugh actually. The entertainment value is worth it. . .I almost egg her on for it. She can't live in my houses and I cannot live in hers so we are like Jack sprat and his wife -- as the rhyme goes. Seems like neither of us is being invited to do either thank god!!!