Mary McDonald

Mary discusses how great she looked in this episode and the Greystone show house.

on Dec 19, 2012

We get to see the magnificent Greystone mansion that was once owned by the Doheny family which owned most of Beverly Hills in the first half of 20th Century. It is truly a magnificent Estate which has remained untouched and preserved as part of the city of Beverly Hills. It is truly a magnificent Estate and I have got to run out and get myself one immediately.

When Luxe magazine asked us all to design rooms for their show house issue you can see how we all got an uggghh thinking about shelling out a fortune for another show house. I was given the choice of any room I wanted in the house from Pam Jaccarino and for some reason thought I was being edgy taking the pair of GRAND ENTRY halls, which were quite grand. Much to my chagrin after we got going I realized they were more work than doing one of the major rooms but with scattered impact.

I had to make the left and the right halls read as my own and sister halls while they were separated by a bit of foyer. I did a fantastic job but it was more effort than it had to be all because my chooser was a little off the day we picked. Ultimately I had some of the best architectural elements to deal with such as the plaster ceilings, the carved ornate over doors and wainscoting -- but creating an impact was not the easy virtuous task I initially thought. Please someone write me and remind me to never do that again. . .seriously. . .never. I am only choosing something with a focal point which brings me to Kathryn. Poor thing got stuck with an even less focal point off to the side of my focal point. Perhaps being a bazaar isn't that bad???

Thank God she had the liquor on that little drink cart for us. Who has little liquor stand drink carts in their sewing room? Well I am going to start. It is a great idea.

I think I might just be happy with this episode because I liked my different outfits. I swear sometimes the outfit and jewelry thing can ruin my day. If I can't "feel it" I want to go home and change ALL DAY! Isn't that horrible? It's true. Kenna and Olga think I am insane. But I am so who cares.