Josh Altman

Josh is glad Heather stood up for herself -- and women everywhere.

on Jul 25, 2012

OK. . .now for the fight scene. Let's just look at the facts on this one

Madison owes Heather $7,000 for deals that she did everything on while she was still employed -- deals that closed while she was still working for him and a couple that closed a week after her being fired for dating me. The cheap and cold hearted Madison decided he would take advantage of a woman that earned the money, needed the money, and was fired for reasons outside of her job. Even after she was fired, emails were sent to Heather from Madison assuring he would still pay her. He strung her along for two months and then decided not to pay up (Wow what a scumbag).

I have no regrets about anything that happened at that open house. It was important that Heather confronted Madison, who was avoiding all her calls and emails. I wanted Heather to stick up for herself -- and women in general -- and not let Madison bully her around just cause he has more money than she does. It is not easy to be a woman in this business and in this town because people like Madison feel that they can take advantage of them. If you ask me, she didn't aim high enough when throwing the drink. LOL. And as for Josh's open house, that was the most action that gross house will ever see. He shouldn't worry about losing the listing -- we would have done him a favor if he did cause that house will never sell.

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