Josh Altman

Josh wonders if Madison is ever going to sell a house this season.

on Jul 18, 2012

A huge part of my clientele consists of professional athletes. I've sold homes to some of the biggest names in sports, and I love working with them. I used to be a field goal kicker for Syracuse University and it brings back amazing memories hanging out with some of these athletes.

Orlando Scandrick in football is like me in real estate -- young and at the top of his game. Looking at houses isn't for everyone. I could look at them all day, while other people like Orlando could care less. That's why we have business managers, to run certain aspects of our financial life. When dealing with celebrities and athletes I typically deal with their business managers just as much as I do with them. (Agents take notes.) Jamie is one of the top business managers in the business and he deals with some amazing athletes -- another Syracuse graduate on top of his game. He was a pleasure to work with and since then have continued our business relationship.