Josh Flagg

Josh shares how shocked he was to hear that Perry and Linda were splitting.

on Jul 11, 2012

What can I say. . .it was a huge shock when I found out Perry and Linda were separating. They have been married for SO many years, and it is very sad to see people split up. When Perry told me to come over, I was almost sure it was because the wanted to sell the house and maybe buy something bigger or move out of Beverly Hills, but to find out Linda was going to stay and Perry was having to move was totally unexpected.

It was really tough to find Perry something in his budget because what he is used to is a lot more expensive. Finally though we found something that he liked.

As for Josh Altman, I am glad to hear he got the listing on the hill. I was quite surprised he got it, because of the way he and the seller left it, however good for him. For that square footage, I actually think $3,500,000 is a great deal for that property! I would have priced it at a minimum of $3,995,000.