Madison Hildebrand

Madison notices how vulnerable everyone was in this episode, himself included.

on Jul 17, 2012

This episode really had each of us in very vulnerable places. Josh A. had a difficult client who clearly did not like him, Josh F.'s boyfriend puts him on the spot about their future. . .and babies. Whoa. And I get quite personal about my business affairs with Heather and in touch with my artistic side.

But seriously, hosting that open house with the art was a huge success. We had over a dozen artists featured, all of whom donated proceeds to It was a huge success for the charity, the artists, and my client! Win-win all the way around.

It wasn't such a bad spot to be negotiating another deal either; overlooking the bluff of Point Dume in Malibu. . .complete with dolphins. Those are the days for which I am so grateful.

OK this was good TV! Josh F. and his boyfriend are so fun to watch together. Their dynamic is so unique, as Josh F. behaves as if he had already lived on this planet for 65 years. He and Colton are just so funny.