Madison Hildebrand

Madison explains why he went to the brokers open and why he's glad he got rid of Heather.

on Jun 20, 2012

I liked this episode the best! My parents finally debut, and I loved it.

I am very close with my family, and I am thrilled that everyone gets to see my relationship with them. And since we are on the subject of family can we talk about how amazing my brother John is? He is hilarious, just like that, all the time. I have one more brother, Wayne, who you don't meet this season, but he is great too.

As for me going to Heather and Josh's open house. . .I felt much better after I did.

I saw Heather act and speak from an unfamiliar place. She was very defensive and missing the big picture. It only affirmed my decision, and I do wish her all the best. I am glad I stayed calm and honest.