Josh Altman

Josh explains why he couldn't tell Marisa Roby's plan and who he thinks is boring.

on Aug 20, 2013

This episode was a big deal for me! This sale was the not only the highest sale in the history of Beverly Park South, but also the most expensive one bedroom ever sold in California! And the land was worth every penny. Can't wait to see what my client decides to build. I assume it will be worth around $50 million plus when they are finished with it.

What you saw in this episode is how important it is not to show all your cards when negotiating. When I found out that Roby's client was going to tear the house down, I decided it was in the best interest of my client to keep that to myself. In the long run it paid off and I ended up saving my client a million dollars.

I know I'm supposed to comment on the others, but I can't help but fast forward through Madison's parts. They are sooo boring and uninteresting that I can't watch them. As far as Flagg goes, I am still wondering if he is going to sell anything this year on the show. He is definitely entertaining to watch but unfortunately for his clients, entertaining doesn't sell houses. . .