Josh Can't Risk "Holding" a Property

Josh Altman explains why he can't postpone showing his listing, even for his brother.

I always say you have to create your opportunities in life, whether business or personal. You can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. When it comes to getting what I want, I don’t wait for the phone to ring, I seek out my prey…in this case, an $11 million dollar new construction listing in the Hollywood Hills. I am notorious for stalking job sites to get the developer's contact. That’s why I sent Mikey up to find any bit of information that could lead me to the owner. After a few phone calls, I found Jourdan! And I am so happy I did. The exterior did not do the inside justice! This home is absolutely incredible! 

I enjoy working with savvy clients who are up-to-date with the market trends, like Jourdan. Off market listings, also known as pocket listings, are very sought after in the high end market of $5 million plus. Buyers who can afford such properties will pay a premium for a home that has not been exposed to the open market. Off market properties are exclusive and for elite clientele. The first two weeks for a listing are pivotal in selling the property. The urgency is high and everyone wants a listing when it is brand new to the market. Matt and his client Sam asking me to "hold" the listing for them puts me in a difficult situation for many reasons, but mainly because we would be double ending the deal and that opens up the issue with dual agency, which is a very tricky ethical representation. I have fiduciary duties to both clients and need to be able to represent each person's interest equally. As much as Matt wants to pull the older brother card, I have to do what is best for our clients and continue showing the property. If Sam is interested and qualified, he will write an offer. I can’t take the risk that he may not come through and lose valuable days of showing the property.

Good thing Matt is my brother, because things get really intense coming up…

David and James…yawn….a one month $50k lease. And they think they sell as much as me? Hah!

And Flagg. I guess he deserves congratulations.

See you guys next week! (@thejoshaltman) (@thejoshaltman)

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