Chris is Relationship Ready

Chris Leavitt was happy with this season, but now is looking for love.

Looking back on this season I am really happy how it all turned out. I was pleased watching myself. I think I'm honest, hardworking, yet I know how to relax and take care of myself. However, there is one piece of my pie of life that is missing and that is a relationship. I've been so busy working and unwinding from work, that I have neglected one of the most important aspects of life, love.

Watching my cast mates have significant others made me a bit sad. My singleness really stood out to me as I watched the season finale and saw Chad consummate his relationship and Sam talk marriage with Jeff. I do want to find love and someone to share all this excitement in my life with. A massage and a day at the spa does not replace love or intimacy.

I am putting out to the universe that I am open to a relationship and to finding love.

Meanwhile, I am excited for whats to come and looking forward to being on your television sets again very shortly. Thank you for your support and see you soon. Xo