Josh Flagg

Josh Flagg gives you some back story on his fabulous Grandma.

on Aug 11, 2008
Well, I have just watched episode 1, and I have got to say, I am very pleased with what I saw. Before I watched the first episode, I always used to ask myself "I wonder if people on television watch themselves?" For instance, does Estelle Getty still watch episodes of The Golden Girls? I have come to the conclusion that the answer is no. (That was probably a poor example, however it was the first person to come to mind.) I loved what I saw; however, it is probably much more exciting for someone who has never seen the show than it is for someone who actually participated in it.

On that note, I think viewers are going to take a real liking to the show. There is drama, suspense, comedy, big beautiful homes (and believe me, there are bigger ones to come.) One of the houses they show is a home I sold last year for $13,500,000. The owners allowed us to shoot footage of it, but they did not want to be on camera, so we were unable to film that transaction. It would have been a great asset to the show though.

I was close with the owner of the house I sold in episode one, and having gotten to know him, I think he would have been really proud that we talked about him and featured his home. It was unfortunate that my client, Sam, could not get the house; however, I was still glad we gave it a try, because that is the only way to find out in real estate.