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Dating in Public

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Dating in Public

Josh explains why he was so nervous on his date with Heather.

On this week's episode of Million Dollar Listing, you got to see me have my first date with Heather and do some feel good work in Topanga Canyon. 

Well, it's not like me to be nervous on a first date. But I'll tell you honestly, it's completely nerve wracking to be on a first date with a beautiful woman in front of over a 1,500,000 viewers nationally, and in nine different countries!

I almost died of embarrassment, when my mom called. I love getting calls from my mom, but I swear that call from my mom was a total coincidence!

Of course I had a great time, I mean how could I not with a drop dead gorgeous woman like Heather!

We were lucky that the owner of the resturaunt is a good client of mine.  He escorted us back through the kitchen and allowed us to make our own sushi.  I’m good at a lot of things, and obviously Real Estate is one of them.  Making sushi? Well let’s just say Heather is a much better sushi chef than I’ll ever be!

Topanga Canyon was definitely a tough sell. I was lucky we found the right people for the house. I loved that we could close a deal for them, because the best part of that deal was helping a non-profit. In fact it was so amazing, I went back to the old house and watched them help the young kids ride the horses. I even rode a horse myself! They are amazing people that do great work, and I am so happy to be a part of their lives. It always means more when you can help good people.

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