Amy Laurent

Amy Laurent describes her non-romantic affinity for Tim.

on Jul 2, 20120

If there’s one thing I know about dating, it’s that you have to give people a chance.

Men are very visual creatures. It’s very rare for a man to meet a woman he’s not attracted to and then to find that she "grows on him." So I know when matching men, attraction is just as important as everything else: personality, values, and character. In fact, I identify with men in this way, as I am fairly particular myself in the looks department—more so than a lot of women. I do admit, however, that on a few occasions I have briefly dated men that you wouldn’t have given a second look had he passed you in a party or a restaurant. Why? Because as most of us women know, there’s no substitute for CONFIDENCE.

A guy who is "meh" in the looks department, suddenly becomes George Clooney when he wins us over with his charm and wit. Whenever I interview potential male clients, I do look for certain physical elements that are appealing to women, yet by no means do you have to be tall and look like Clark Kent. Most beautiful women, I’ve found, aren’t attracted to men who are "too hot" or "too good-looking," because those men often possess personality characteristics that are off-putting. So I look for the total package: that spark in personality, charm, wit, humor, intelligence that makes his conversational skills both amusing and interesting.

Men have potential to make women swoon, despite the fact they may not be stepping out of a GQ magazine (though I don’t complain when I get those kind of clients either!) Tim Sykes is one of those guys.

Yes, my girlfriend was trying to do a favor by setting me up to distract me from the fact Lewis hasn’t called. I did appreciate it, but there’s a reason why I’m a matchmaker and she works in finance! Firstly, Tim is 30 years old. That is simply too young for me—and I’ve already got 28-year-old Lewis on my hands to figure out. Also, my girlfriend knows I am rarely into successful finance guys (though they make great clients, as I have tons of gorgeous single women who love them.)


I found you to be way pessimistic on your date with Lewis in the beginning, the way you tore everything down from his date idea to his age, even his choice of food.  I understand that we all have our own tastes and hopes for men but you can do it in a way that isn't so negative and judgemental.  This is my first time even seeing this show and I don't think I could even become a fan after seeing your date.



You really seem so unhappy (about love).  I really want you to find the right guy.  Don't just settle because you don't have anybody.  Now I guess I need to listen to my own advise,  just as you say.  The ice skating guy is not the one.  You will find him.