Amy Laurent

Amy Laurent describes her non-romantic affinity for Tim.

on Jul 2, 2012

Now this is a blanket statement, of course; it’s a generalization with exceptions to the rule. However, in general, successful finance guys can have an air of being a little too into themselves for my personal taste. My match would be more closer to the entrepreneurial type, someone in a job that requires a creative side. Of course, never say never! As soon as I sit down with Tim, I definitely know he’s too young for me and our personalities are not a match, but despite this, I still enjoy the meeting. During the brief chat with Tim, he really starts to grow on me and I realize he has a gorgeous smile, and a sweetness under all of that "successful finance guy" air about him. Before it’s over, I find myself a bit charmed by his endearing sincerity.

At the same time, I am aware that Tim talks way too much about how great his apartment is, the view of his apartment, how awe-inspiringly great this apartment is.

There’s a moment, right in between my realizing I find him amusing, and also know how I can help him, that I decide I can take him under my wing. That’s how it works with me: more often than not, when I meet a guy, I’m thinking of who I can introduce him to, how I can help him find a match. Yes, even when I’m the one who is supposed to be on a date with him!

First, I think: if Tim and I were to work together, I like him enough that I want to point out that he shouldn’t talk so much about what he does or doesn’t have. The last thing I want as a matchmaker is for someone to go out with Tim because of what he owns. He is way too great a guy to end up being used. I felt like he needed to be cautious of leading with his "material foot." We get how successful he is, but Tim is much more then his career.

Then, immediately, my brain starts thinking through a number of girls who would actually be right up his alley. One of my best friends, Lauren, pops into my head suddenly. I can tell you over the seven years that I’ve worked as a matchmaker that whenever I am interviewing a potential client and a zinger idea like this appears in my mind, it almost always is the person they ultimately end up with. Even if they go out on a dozen matches through me in their first few months, it always goes back to my first gut instinct when I knew them for five minutes.