This Just In: We All Need Linen Sheets. Like, Yesterday.

Soft as butter and rumpled to perfection.

By the time we’re adults — in our 20s, 30s and 40s, let’s say — we’ve likely slept on dozens of sheets throughout our lives. In our early years, we rested our heads atop bunny-bedecked crib ones and unicorn-patterned versions, in college we opted for wrinkle-free jersey material that made our lives easier. Then we became adults and we started wanting more. Suddenly it was imperative that our sheets were soft and luxurious and had a high thread count. Oh and, of course, they also need to be affordable(ish!).

And while we’ve tried everything from Egyptian cotton to percale to slinky satin, rarely did linen ever enter our minds as an option. Until recently, that is. Direct-to-consumer bedding retailer Brooklinen has been vending their Linen Collection to critical praise (and consumers’ delight) and as of today the brand is expanding the lineup with new colorways (millennial pink!) and patterns.

The Linen Collection, which is comprised of two sheet set types (Core and Hardcore), a diamond-patterned quilt and matching shams, and a duvet cover is now available in nine new colors like the preppy “navy chambray” and the dreamy, clould-like “haze.” What does all of this mean for you, the shopper? More reasons to linen, of course!

After sleeping on and under these puppies for a few weeks, I can attest that they are exceptionally soft and chic — but casual, thanks to the line’s signature rumpled look. Want your bed to be beachy but refined at once? Meet your new sheets. Nope, they aren't just for summer, linen is offical our new favorite yearround fabric.

Shop the entire collection below! 

Brooklinen Core Set, Full + Queen

Brooklinen Core Set, King + Cali King

Brooklinen Hardcore Set, Full + Queen

Brooklinen Hardcore Set, King + Cali King

Brooklinen Linen Diamond Quilt, Full + Queen

Brooklinen Linen Diamond Quilt, King + Cali King

Brooklinen Linen Diamond Shams, Standard

Brooklinen Linen Diamond Shams, King

Brooklinen Linen Duvet Cover

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