Camille sets the record straight about her "gossiper" ways.

Jul 1, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Don’t PC and Jessie seem like an old married couple? They fight constantly but forgive easily. Ok…so PC mentioned that Kelli & I thought Jessie was intimidating. Well, duh! Just watch episode two, and make up your own mind! But we never told PC she was a “bitch” to PC’s face. I hadn’t actually had chance to actually talk with Jessie, and I would never form an opinion of someone based on first impressions or rumors. Kelli and I didn’t intend to “irritate” Jessie, and we approached her at Zoe’s party with the best of intentions. I just wished we could have sat down and talked before this intimidating/bitch situation got out of hand. I don’t think even PC was trying to make trouble; I just think he was raising a PC/Jesse issue in a rather oblique (passive-aggressive?) way.

Taylor’s date with Sebastian was so cute; they both looked like they had a great time but still had the slight awkwardness of a first date.

First the spa, HOW EMBARRASSING were the masks on Kelli and my faces! You think that look will catch on? LOL.) I love spas (and who doesn’t like the idea of people pampering you), but a hot bath with some candles does the same thing, and is practically free.

Of course, Kelli and I had already heard about the date from Sebastian, so we wanted to get the scoop from Taylor when we went to Intermix. (Intermix – yes expensive, but fabulous! Save up for one great piece, then put the rest of the look together at Zara or Top Shop.) That’s why you never saw Kelli and I leave the store with bags – we never bought anything!