Tara Harper

With her bright blonde hair and curvaceous figure, Tara is the quintessential Dallas girl. She has gained financial independence as the Executive Vice President of Sales for her family's manufacturing company, SPI, Inc. However, her real passion is her charity, Paws in the City, which helps Dallas' four-legged friends. Tara has called off four engagements in the past, but hasn't given up the hope that her soulmate is still out there.

Tara has a long list of rules about dating, which may contribute to her difficulty in finding the right guy. People around her have started to pressure her about her ticking clock, yet Tara believes she still has plenty of time to start a family. With a pattern of jumping from one relationship to the next, Tara is planning to be single a while, but finds that she have to reconsider when a friend of hers becomes something more.

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