Toi Troutman-Walker

Toi, who owns a hair extension line, Renown Hair, and Rouvaun, a mortgage banker had their first date in 1996, but went their separate ways. Fast forward 15 years later and with the help of social media, the couple found each other on Facebook and rekindled the flame. They soon found that even after years apart, their chemistry was hotter than ever.  With reconnecting comes relocating and Toi gave up her career as a successful celebrity publicist and made the move from her home in Los Angeles to Northern California where Rouvaun resides.  Toi understands the need for making sacrifices in a relationship but with Rouvaun constantly traveling now for business, she battles loneliness in a new city and can’t shake the desire to move back to LA. The newlyweds, both in their mid-forties, face the challenge of merging their complicated lives together. With elderly parents, step children on both sides, and Toi’s personal struggle with Lupus, the duo’s patience and resilience is tested. Can they handle their full plate and make the necessary compromises for the sake of their marriage?

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