DJ Kandrew's Editors talk about 'their ridiculous' moments from Episode 2. 

on Jun 7, 2011

This week was full of Hot Stuff for sure, and you really got a taste of what the songs would sound like On the Radio. OK, OK we're done with the Donna summer references (for now). Let's see what hit the top of the charts in Episode 2.

No. 1 Fan of Donna Summer

While Jackie may have been left speechless by Donna Summer's praise of her hook, it was Sonyae's unbridled enthusiasm that won her the top spot. Exhibit A: "Donna Summer aka Mama Donna, Dance Queen of the United States. Thick as grits baby, bow, bow, pow, ow! You know what I mean?" While we also love ourselves a good disco jam by Donna, unfortunately no, not exactly sure what you mean. But it sounds delicious! 

No. 1 Regret 

I know all the writers have a different process for how they go about composing their lyrics. But seriously, there's no better way to get in a dance floor frame of mind than to bump some jams (perhaps by the resident Dance Queen of the United States) and perhaps don some sparkly jumpsuits. Didn't you feel there was a serious lack of flared pant legs for the Donna Summer episode?

(Editors' Note: We always sport our own disco gear and enjoy some dance floor anthems every time we write our recap. The results speak for themselves.)