DJ Kandrew's Editors talk about 'their ridiculous' moments from Episode 2. 

on Jun 7, 2011

Best Dance Club Choice

Well done for choosing a gay club to debut some new dance tracks. One, because watching a crowd of adorable gay men rock out to the contestants' songs was a delight. And two, because you knew they were going to be good judges of whether the track was hot. You could tell how well received a song was by how hard the crowd was voguing to it. I only wish we got to see some of Jewel and Kara's signature moves, because you know they were shakin' it behind the scenes. 

No. 1 Sad Moment

We're doubly sad Blessing is leaving, not only because he seems so loveable and has a wonderfully soothing voice, but also because we lose his canine companion, Tommy! Now we'll never get to hear a song written for Tommy, see photos of Tommy as a puppy, or find out if Tommy was secretly whispering lyrics to Blessing the whole time.      

Next week romance is in the air, and that's not even the challenge. Jes and Johnny appear to be forming their own little duo outside of the competition: