DJ Kandrew's Editors muse about the importance of spelling and the length of songwriting sessions.

on Jun 14, 2011

Number 1 Cause of Car Sickness With a Bullet

The gang then hits the open road to polish their tunes. Though they will eventually be stopped and have time to write while not in motion everyone gets right to it in the car -- including Jes who puts her keyboard in the backseat -- spanning the entire backseat.

Essentially the keyboard is now functioning as a second seat belt so I think it's actually safety-wise preferable, but I cannot think of a quicker way to make oneself car sick than penning a song while actually pinned into your seat by the ivories. Her team should get bonus points for writing under such duress. I can't even begin to enunciate how carsick this would make your editors. We kept a bag close-by during this entire scene, just in case.

Number Won One Speller

Oh man, do we love Melissa. Melissa could be our generation's Joni Mitchell. Each stanza she creates is a watercolor of bliss. What more delights can she give to us. "Wine covered hills"? Incorporating altitudinal changes into her song? Why won't the gang listen to her. She's a Stanford grad! She knows how to spell. Don't silence her voice. There is far too much imagery the world needs to know.

Number 1 at Holding Hands

Oh snap, did someone want a love song because you're getting one! Look at Jes and Johnny making adorable music together! By music, we just mean hand-holding and dramatically sliding down doors after talking to each other, but still. This is only the beginning of their cuteness, we hope. She's got a little Jenny Lewis-y vibe going so perhaps they can Rilo Kiley it up together -- or Jenny and Johnny actually, since that's a band that's still together.