DJ Kandrew's Editors are still a little put off by Jes' intense freak out.

on Jul 22, 2011

No. 1 Cutest Reaction to Something Very Serious

Clearly this wasn’t Jes’ week (we’ll get to her freak out later). She dug deep for the empowerment theme and opened up about being drugged and abused, which was terribly heart wrenching.  However Jewel’s exclamation of “Oh my heavens!” when Jes shared her story with the judges was just too adorable! We think it might be impossible not to like her.

No. 1 Best Dance Moves of the Season

Now we still have two more episodes, but we’d bet money on the fact that no one will be able to top Scotty’s very special dance/voguing showcase during his performance. You really need to watch to get the full effect:

I mean come on. There was no way that song was going to lose this week simply because of those moves. Scotty should really consider dancing every week. He doesn’t have to worry about anyone wanting to “rein” those moves in because they are fabulous.