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Sonyae Elise: Platinum Hitmaker

Sticking With You

Dare to Suck

DJ Have My Babies

It's Poppin'

I Like The Way You Move

On Pause

The Exorcist

Reign Over Me

Nice Guys Finish Last

When Egos Collide

The Word is Hubris

Like a Tohn of Bricks

A Safe Bet

Sincerely Yours

10 Things I Love About You

All You Need Is Love

Dr. Jekyll and Melissa Hyde

Lovin' It

Not Hot

Clever Girl

Rap Battles

Join the Love-Fest

The Weakest Link

I Get Chills

Speak And Spell

A Place of Truth

Straight to the Vein

Panic at the Disco

Keep It Simple Stupid

Sicker Than the Remix

Get Loose

Setting the Bar

30 Minutes or Less

I Write the Songs

On the Hook

You Only Got One Second to Save the Song

Hip Hip Sonyae!'s Editors discuss Sonyae's big win.

Many melodies and sheets of paper later, we have finally reached the end of our songwriting saga. The final three have danced, rapped, and rocked their way to last challenge, and it was quite the battle for the win. Let's take a look at how we found the ultimate Platinum Hitmaker.

No. 1 Way to Announce the Final Challenge

Scotty, Sonyae, and Jes learned about the last challenge -- to write the hit of their lives -- on a beautiful rooftop. No pressure or anything though! Luckily there was champagne (and both Jewel and Kara looking fabulously fierce) to take the edge off. If it were us, we probably would have required our own bottle with a straw, especially once we found out that J.R. would be helping/critiquing and Leona Lewis would be judging the performance. And you know Leona must have been itching to lay down some serious criticisms as the winner of a singing competition show.

No. 1 Worst Advice of the Season

It's always great when contestants on a competition show aren't afraid to work together and help each other out a little bit. But you just have to question whether Scotty wasn't secretly trying to throw Sonyae off track by telling her a song called Capability sounds better than My Religion, which she was already leaning towards. I mean come on. As soon as she said suggested Capability to J.R. he basically gave her some side eye and shot her down immediately. And rightfully so. That does not really roll off the tongue at all. Makes you wonder if she still would have won had she followed Scotty's advice.

No. 1 Contestant on Platinum Hit

Congrats, Sonyae! She walked into the competition making a statement with her indoor sunglasses look, and she left the winner. We finally have an answer to the question she first proposed. Love it or hate it? Love it! Sonyae really did shine between Love Me to Life, Exit, and My Religion, so she definitely earned the title. We can't wait to see what platinum hits she has in store for the future.