Kara DioGuardi

Kara shares why songwriters have to take risks -- and know when to pull back.

on Jul 30, 2011

Going back to high school was a trip. I went to an all girls' high school where we basically rolled out of bed to get to class not caring what we looked like. These girls were definitely more stylish. You could immediately tell which songs they were feeling. The girls gravitated towards the "Exit" song and with good reason. Sonyae knows how to communicate what teenagers are feeling. We've all known people that we wanted to point to the exit sign, whether that be at a club, a high school, or even at an office building.

I loved Scotty's final hook melody, especially the "DJ make me crazy" part. He really has shown a tremendous amount of growth. Jes also had a strong melodic song but I couldn't see it being a breakout Top-40 smash because it felt so young.

And then there's Nick. . .he has definitely made the show entertaining. He is such a character and some of his one-liners have cracked me the hell up. This week we finally got to see some real emotion from him. He wore his heart on his sleeve, which is why it was particularly heartbreaking to see him go. He finally did what we wanted him to do all along. I hope he continues to access his truth/heart and put it into his music. If he does, he may just write that smash after all. I'm rooting for him!