When Egos Collide

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When Egos Collide

Kara discusses Johnny's elimination and lets us know who she thought drank the "kool-aid" this week.

Coming to you from Venice, Italy!

It ain't a pretty sight when a writing session goes south. It's even worse when it goes south, and the song gets dragged down in the process. That's what happened this week with Nick and Johnny's "All Day Sunrise." Watching them bash each other (while at times entertaining) left me kind of cold on both of them. They acted childish, but ultimately I thought that Johnny did not listen to some of Nick's ideas, which were more in line with what Gavin DeGraw would sing. Dare I say it, I actually felt bad for Nick. His attitude is off the chain but he does work hard and invests himself in the process. It was definitely all about egos clashing this week and their egos got the best of them both.

I thought that Johnny's original chorus idea was a strange one. In most of his songs he has had such great imagery and use of metaphor. "All Day Sunrise" seemed sort of corny for a writer who said things in the past like "I'll let those tire tracks talk dirt behind my back."

Johnny was one of the strongest contestants. He co-wrote some of my favorites songs from "Betting My Life On You" to "Going Where I Need To Be." I hope he's somewhere in the world working on a song right now. He has definite potential to write great music. He should stick with it.

I loved when Sonyae said she doesn't want to have a "hot melody with nothing to say." The worst scenario you can have is a great melody and words that don't compliment it. Again she came with a great concept. Brian and Sonyae are a good team because they have "feel" and Brian knows how to create music around Sonyae's melodies. I could totally see Beyonce, Jordin Sparks, or Kelly Rowland singing that song.

Jes and Scotty were too cute this week. The intro to the Justin Bieber song was soooooo fun. I think Jes definitely drank a little "black kool-aide." Watching them enjoy the process and create a hooky song (loved the melody to "love you down") uplifted my spirit after watching Johnny and Nick take each other down.

Best judge's comment this week came from Keith who said "That was a ..lyrical cesspool." Jewel looked badass in that feathery dress, too.