Crazy as Usual

Hannah thanks Rosie for helping out Lisa.

This week was crazy as usual, starting with the maternity suspenders... I felt bad making fun of their product, but I have to agree with Rosie. Pregnancy suspenders are definitely a slap in the face for pregnant women who have grown out of their skinny jeans. Apparently women are supposed to buy enormous pants (that would otherwise fall down) and strap on the suspenders. A very attractive look I'm sure! 

As usual, Rosie did a fab job of pulling together the charity event for Melissa. The runway was ultimately a success, even though the process of getting it up was mildly stressful. Also I have to thank Rosie for giving my sister's friend some much needed guidance! She and her husband will make incredible parents, as long as they keep the skulls and knives away for the next couple of years!

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